Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Steps

Maggie is about to take off! She really has taken a couple of steps on her own without holding on to anything. She is exactly the same age as Benj was when he took his first few steps, crazy!

Can anyone please tell me how to post a video that's not sideways?! I am so pathetic, I still havn't figured it out!


Ashley Wray said...

How cute is she? And where does the time go? Last I remember, you were still pregnant with her! So we totally have some neighbors who have been shooting off loud fireworks in the middle of the night, and annoying as it is, Andrew and I were totally reminiscing about our old back neighbors, remember the kids on dirt bikes and firework shooting at like midnight the entire month of July? Oh good ol' Madison Park memories!

Jodi Jean said...

holy moley ... so cute!!

as for the sideways videos ... my tip ... don't do them sideways!! i don't know how to turn videos