Sunday, September 20, 2009

They're BaAack...

Yay! Aunt Melissa and Uncle Jeff are back up for school. Which means free babysitting and a large crowd for Sunday dinner. We spent a BEAUTIFUL Friday evening at the farmer's market eating some amazing corn on the cob, cotton candy, and fudge. Can't get any better than that.
Since it's been a while since I've posted I thought I'd do a quick up date. On Labor day we took a nice drive up to Mesa Falls for a little walk and a picnic. The best part of the trip was that saw our old Bishop and his wife. What a fun surprise!!

There was a little museum and it was funny seeing Ben afraid of the dead bear on the wall.

He liked the moose.

Then last Saturday some of our good friends were taking their train out for rides. It's the cutest little train that has been in there family for years. Seth took the kids while I was out running a group yard sale for my FCCLA girls, which turned out to be a great success!!

Just a random picture of the kids playing in the dryer.

And another random picture of the first batch of many pints of tomato sauce we will be canning this month. We made a few mistakes with our very first garden, but one mistake turned out pretty awesome.

We planted exactly 18 tomato plants because I got them for really cheap at the high school horticulture sale.
I thought why not, having no idea we would end up with two hundred plus tomatoes. So if you need some tomatoes come on over!