Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We got lucky again this year with beautiful weather for Trick-or-Treating and a ward party.I liked this pose.
And this one.
Ben was a lucky boy this year. Part of his costume was "Toothless" from "How to Train Your Dragon." I guess in celebration of finishing the master's degree it's back to homemade costumes. Seth actually carved the head, I just covered it with fabric. And I dropped the ball with the wings and tail, they were pretty underwhelming. Oh and I didn't make Maggie's either so I guess I took another year off.
At the ward party I won best Pecan Pie in the "Nut" category. I owe that to my Mom for teaching me all that I know and who has also taken that prize at a ward party or two.
But Dad really won the "Best Dad of the Year" award for taking Ben Trick-or-Treating with him on his shoulders all night. It was fun hearing all the comments and seeing a complete stranger take their picture. Ben said to Dad, "Everyone loves our costumes, Dad!" I hope this is one Halloween he will not forget.