Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We got lucky again this year with beautiful weather for Trick-or-Treating and a ward party.I liked this pose.
And this one.
Ben was a lucky boy this year. Part of his costume was "Toothless" from "How to Train Your Dragon." I guess in celebration of finishing the master's degree it's back to homemade costumes. Seth actually carved the head, I just covered it with fabric. And I dropped the ball with the wings and tail, they were pretty underwhelming. Oh and I didn't make Maggie's either so I guess I took another year off.
At the ward party I won best Pecan Pie in the "Nut" category. I owe that to my Mom for teaching me all that I know and who has also taken that prize at a ward party or two.
But Dad really won the "Best Dad of the Year" award for taking Ben Trick-or-Treating with him on his shoulders all night. It was fun hearing all the comments and seeing a complete stranger take their picture. Ben said to Dad, "Everyone loves our costumes, Dad!" I hope this is one Halloween he will not forget.


Koreena said...

Okay, do you realize this is only your 4th post since LAST Halloween?! You need to blog more! ;) (I'm trying to remember if I even knew you were pregnant.) Anyway, the costumes are great. I love the dragon head. LOL You and Seth have such adorable children!

Karen said...

Loving the costumes! I love your shirt and am assuming it's a girl? When is the big day?

The Carey's said...

I can't believe you look that small and only have a month left! Great Halloween pictures!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rachel on winning the pie contest, you are a wonderful cook and mom and the costumes do look great. Love Dad.

Jenny said...

I love Ben and Seth's costumes! And I don't know what you're talking about you look really small.

La Familia Kingsley said...

The kids are adorable and growing so fast. I love Seth and Benjamin's costumes! Wish we were able to go home for Christmas so we could see you guys and meet this new little baby. Best of luck Rachel! Only a couple more weeks and yes you look tiny for being 8 + months pregnant.