Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Jungle Halloween

Just before going Trick-or-Treating we got this great pose! Overall he did a great job but much to Mom and Dad's dismay he did not last long. He just wanted to get home to start eating his candy. And the very first thing he wanted to eat was a package of fruit snacks! Crazy kid! We tried so hard, but he just did not realize how many houses were out there ready to give him more candy. Here is Maggie as the sweetest Lion ever! She is greatly enjoying pieces of a cupcake at the ward party.

The full shot of the Lion. I let her play with her toothbrush to distract her from the obnoxious hood I made her wear. It really didn't take long for her to get use to it and she wore it the whole night!

Benjamin had tons of fun decorating his pumpkin. Way better than last year when he threw a fit because we wouldn't let him use the knife.

At the ward party all Benjamin wanted to do was the Cake Walk, which was great, it entertained him for a long time. And he only needed one cupcake. In the pose above he is really playing the elephant part well; holding up the trunk while making the elephant noise.

Benjamin and Maggie with neighbor friends at the ward party.