Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trip to Oklahoma

It's always nice going back to the place you grew up. I was very happy to catch a few hard rains and a good thunderstorm! The smell of Daylight Doughnuts and devouring a chocolate Long John brought back lots of memories. I also enjoyed drinking Braums whole milk for two weeks, Blue Bell ice cream, brisket smothered in Head Country bbq sauce, Spinach Artichoke pasta from Zio's AND my mom's chicken enchiladas! Man I love food! I was also spoiled with a nap everyday! Thanks Mom for that!!! It was really a wonderful trip all around, including the plane rides!!! I was amazed at how well both of them did! I kept dishing out the new toys and treats and it worked like a charm! White skin from Idaho enjoying some serious sunshine.
Grandpa with sweet Maggie.

Grandpa and Benjamin working hard.

Thanks Aunt Melissa for the cute dress, sorry you had to work a ton, but we are excited to see you up at school soon!

These pictures were taken at Bounce U, (like Bounce University), pretty cute, anyway I love this pic of Benj screaming because it was so unlike him! After that first slide down he kept going up and down who knows how many times.

Grandma with Maggie.

Aunt Linus and Uncle Greg visiting from OU. Thanks for hanging out with us and for the super awesome pink track suit!

We celebrated Maggie's first birthday a few days early in Ok. Benjamin was a big help with blowing out the candle, opening her presents, and playing with her presents. That's what brothers are for, right?
The before and after of the ladybug cupcakes.

Well, school started today so the house is still not all together. Hopefully after the weekend we will post some pictures.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home at Last!

What a CRAZY last month and a half it has been! After Washington I took the kids home to Oklahoma to spend 2 1/2 weeks with the Grandparents. It was a wonderful trip and now we are finally living in our house!!! We are still unpacking so pictures of the house and trip will be soon to come.