Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Weekend

On Saturday we took a little trip to a small Pumpkin Patch we had never been to. It was pretty cute with a big red barn and a large field of pumpkins to pick your own. At the Patch they had this cute set-up to take pictures. Great scrapbooking material was exactly what I was thinking! And I guess blogging too.

Although his face doesn't show it, but he was way more excited about picking a watermelon than a pumpkin.

Maggie's first pig tails!!! I made the bows to match her dress and I plan to make hundreds more.

Benjamin running around the house keeping from getting his picture taken. This was the first Sunday wearing a white shirt. The tie will come later, we are taking small steps.

Fun Halloween idea! Not my idea, totally Martha Stewart's. Nutter Butter cookies, melted white chocolate, and mini chocolate chips. Cute, uh?

This has been the best semester because it's the first one that Samantha, Jeff, and Melissa are here all together! We love having them over most Sunday nights. Sorry Sam, you didn't make the blog; next time.

Maggie loves to feed us her bottle. I guess Jeff didn't want any.

Thanks Mom for the super cute pj's!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Big Boy!

Benjamin is potty trained! See the 'Cars' underwear, and out in public and everything! He must have been plenty ready since he caught on really fast. I had a couple days off last week for fall break, and thought now is the time. We had the timer going off every 15-20 minutes to just go and try. He only took that craziness for one day, then decided he could go all by himself whenever he needed to. On the second day, (Friday) we had to leave the house for his speech therapy so I thought we should put on a pull-up. He still wanted to wear his underwear so I said okay, let's go! And he did amazing! No accidents the whole time! We even went to the park afterwards. I should also say he was bribed with tootsie-rolls and dumb-dumbs whenever he went in the toilet. We are starting to break that because he has had a lot of candy in four days. And of course a super sweet picture of Maggie.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tagged Twice

I was first tagged by my friend Shelley.

You go to your fourth photo file and post the fourth picture from that file.

I was so HAPPY to see this one! It's Grandma Stephenson and two day old Maggie. We were so lucky to have Grandma come just before Maggie came, since I was induced it worked out perfectly. So Grandma got some good Benjamin time while we were at the hospital and then got some good Maggie time at home. We are always so glad when Grandma comes to visit.

We LOVE you Grandma! And we promise we won't make you watch the kids for a whole week all by yourself PLUS help clean a new house in the middle of the night before inspections!!! We owe you big time!!!
I now tag Misti, Noelle, Brittney, and Emily

Then I was tagged by Noelle. So here it is goes.
8 TV shows I love to watch.
1. The Office
2. So you think you can dance
3. The Biggest Loser
4. Project Runway
5. Top Chef
6. Friday Night Lights
7. Good Eats
8. Friends (reruns)
8 Places I love to eat.
1. Texas Roadhouse
2. Rodizio Grill
3. Cafe Rio/Bajio
4. The Melting Pot
5. Tony Caputos
6. Billy Rays BBQ
7. Zio's
8. The Backyard
8 things that happened yesterday
1. Slept in!
2. Watched Conference peacefully in my classroom while getting work done
3. Went grocery shopping for classes
4. Watched more Conference at home with noisy children
5. Laughed and cried during Elder Wirthlin's talk
6. Fed the missionaries
7. Made peach cobbler
8. Played True Colors with neighbors
8 things I look forward to
1. The next time my kids get to see their Grandparents
2. My parents coming to see my house
3. A date with my hubby
4. Seeing friends from Oklahoma
5. Benjamin talking
6. time to scrapbook
7. Thanksgiving in Las Vegas (hopefully)
8. My sister's wedding (we're not making plans, I'm just sayin)
8 things I love about Fall
1. My birthday!
2. Halloween, this will be Benjamin's first time to Trick-or-Treat!
3. The change of colors
4. Not having to rake tons of leaves
5. Memories of watching football all day long with my dad and brother while cracking and eating nuts.
6. Baking Season
7. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin cookies
8. Pecan Pie
8 things on my wish list
1. area rug for the living room
2. blinds
3. drapes
4. large media center/built-in look
5. clothes
6. tennis shoes
7. Best of Becky Higgins' Sketches
8. I can only name eight? I think it's time to count my blessings.
8 people I'm tagging
1. Jenny
2. Lauri
3. Cara
4. Kara
5. Linus
6. Shelley
7. Jenn
8. Jodi

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I did it!!!

I finally posted a video that's not sideways! I'm not sure how I did it, but I think it has to do with how I hold the camera when I take the video. Anyway, the kids were just playing one night and I had to get Maggie's cute giggles on video. Benjamin was being a puppy, he's very good at that.

October 1st or June 1st?

We have been enjoying some very nice weather this week! We've just been hanging out in the yard eating popsicles, playing in the dirt, and moving sprinklers around. I haven't posted a picture of the front of our house with the sod and fence yet, so here it is! My super handy hubby made the window shutters with left over supplies from the fence. The garage window will get shutters too. We like them. Here is our front porch view. Anyone interested in being our neighbors? That lot is for sale! The house on the right is in the second group, under the same program we built our house. We wake up every Saturday morning hearing the hammers pounding. It truly is a wonderful sound because it's them, not us.
And poor Benjamin still trying to learn how to ride his bike:( Someday...