Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Baby

We have been getting lots of smiley baby pictures lately. She just laughed for the first time the other day and of course it was the best sound in the world. We have truly been blessed with a very happy baby. She is so easy going and mellow and just as sweet as can be.
What's cutter than a baby in a bucket? I wish I had this thing with my other two babies. We are borrowing it from cousin Warren. It's so great because most of her gets covered with water so she's not so cold during her baths like the other fold up thing we had. Also, she can bounce up and down or just sit.
Mom and Lily on a Sunday morning.

I had to include this picture of the kiddos playing Harry Potter. It's the best when they play nicely together.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Ben turned six! I can't believe how old he's getting. I know...I'm going to be really blown away when he turns 16.We had a family party this year at the local pizza/arcade party place.
Uncle Jeff and Aunt Melissa came.
Uncle Barry, Aunt Sam and Warren were also there.
And our good old friends from college, Tom and Melissa and their two boys came up for the weekend.
We kept it simple this year and just went with Chewbacca cupcakes. I got busy that morning, so Seth took over and frosted them. I think he did a better job than I would have. Ben sure loved them.
Here are a couple of videos of Ben opening his Birthday card from Grandpa and Grandma. (It has to do with his STAR WARS obsession)