Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Sweet Boy

Seth just told me about the most amazing things Benjamin said! For those of you that don't know him too well, or to update you on his vocabulary, he says about 20 words and only a few of them sound like they are suppose to sound. And he certainly doesn't make sentences or phrases. So when I came home from school around 2pm Benjamin was in his room napping. I got Maggie and we took off to run some errands. So when Benj woke up from his nap he was looking all around the house for her. Seth said he actually said, "where's baby?" as he shrugged his shoulders and hands out to the side. And that's not all! Seth played around with him and kept him looking for her and when Seth asked Benjamin, where is the baby? Then Benjamin said what sounded very clearly as, "I don't know". I was pretty excited to hear that story and that he can talk, just when it's super important. What a great brother!
He just finished his preschool class through the school district. He started going as soon as he turned 3 in Febuary and has been riding a bus all by himself ever since! There is also an aide that helps them get into all the car seats. He usually loves it, sometimes it was a little rough getting him out there by 6:45am! (He was the first one on, and the first one off)

I love this picture of Maggie eating his toes. As much as he pushes her around, she can really dish it back.

And another silly picture of Benj. This time the toilet seat is around his waist. And notice the elephant in half these pictures, it's his favorite toy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We Know! It's GREEN, and We LOVE IT!!!

Yes, it's a little shocking at first. But, imagine the "stainless look" appliances, the dark counter tops, and Seth's pottery to tone the green down. The skins of the cabinets still need to be put on too. I'm sure you can see the refrigerator goes in that big space on the left, then the dishwasher, sink below the window and the oven and microwave hood on the other wall on the right. We are pretty excited!
I was really happy tonight when Seth took me to see the cabinets that were just installed today! I even let out a few screams of joy. Thankyou Bro. Beazer for installing our cabinets. You are the greatest!
Here is our master bathroom. It is the same as the kids bathroom. The title was installed last week as well, and we are very happy with it. As well as the huge vanity! Six drawers! I know the blue is a little light and babyish, but I like to think of it as water, refreshing, spa like. Nice uh?

Sorry, the lighting is horrible! But this is the living room which is painted a Toasted Almond, which we also LOVE! It is also in the front hallway and back hallway.

This will be Maggie's room with a few touches of pink and green. Seth did a great job picking out this dusty yellow. Not too soft, and not too bright. There were just way too many colors to choose from! How could I possibly make that kind of decision!

This is Benjamin's room, we are thinking a Jungle theme. Seth might paint blades of grass with some hidden jungle animals. This was also the first green color we painted the kitchen, but we thought it was a little too neon, so we went to the next shade darker to what it is now.