Saturday, September 13, 2008

Miss Independent

Twice now Maggie has insisted on holding the yogurt container and completely feed herself. I was pretty impressed, I didn't even mind the mess. I thought it was pretty cute.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

House Pictures part 1

My very favorite room in the house! I just can't tell you how much I love my kitchen! At first I was a little bumbed that we didn't have a kitchen pantry, but after seeing the space under that counter top! There's more room in there than the whole kitchen in my last apartment! And notice the microwave above the oven, it doesn't take up any space on the counter tops! That is very exciting. AND I got my favorite glass canisters out of storage, also very exciting!

Painting in Progress... Seth still wants to touch up the elephant and add a giraffe, monkey, and maybe a lion. I'm excited to decorate this room too! We all love it!
The kid's Jungle bathroom. The counter tops and tile floor are the same in our bathroom. My alternative motive for Halloween is to have Benjamin and Maggie be jungle animals and then get some portrait style pictures taken and frame them to decorate this room!
My other favorite room in the house! I am so glad we decided to let Maggie have her own room and now she has a real crib!!! No more getting rolled from Benjamin's room to the hallway to the kitchen!
Where's Maggie?
Maggie's letters will probably go to a wall or shelf when we get her some curtains. Can't wait to decorate her room too!
And the best part of our new house, a backyard for the kids to run and play and I can watch them from inside!
Maggie meets Uncle Jeff!!! Welcome back from the mission, (serving the Lord for two years in the Tuscan Arizona mission) we are so glad to have you here up at school!