Friday, August 26, 2011

Slight Change of Plans

In case you have not heard... we moved to Oklahoma! We both found new jobs and thought it was time to return to our roots. It was a bit crazy, but everything kept falling into place, so why not?
This was my view for three days. Ben rode up in the truck with Dad the whole time, while the girls rode with me. We had a great time singing to all the Dixie Chicks and Disney songs we wanted!

The first sight of Braum's was a sweet sight. We stopped for lunch. It was also in Kansas when the heat first hit us. Luckily now, about a month later, it has cooled to the low 100's.

Little Lily with Grandma and Grandpa.
The very best part of the move has been living 6 minutes from Grandpa and Grandma. Why oh why did we wait so long?
We are all settled in and the kids started school this week. Thank you Oklahoma for Pre-K! Miss Maggie gets to go all day everyday!! I think they are enjoying it and making new friends.