Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Weekend

On Saturday we took a little trip to a small Pumpkin Patch we had never been to. It was pretty cute with a big red barn and a large field of pumpkins to pick your own. At the Patch they had this cute set-up to take pictures. Great scrapbooking material was exactly what I was thinking! And I guess blogging too.

Although his face doesn't show it, but he was way more excited about picking a watermelon than a pumpkin.

Maggie's first pig tails!!! I made the bows to match her dress and I plan to make hundreds more.

Benjamin running around the house keeping from getting his picture taken. This was the first Sunday wearing a white shirt. The tie will come later, we are taking small steps.

Fun Halloween idea! Not my idea, totally Martha Stewart's. Nutter Butter cookies, melted white chocolate, and mini chocolate chips. Cute, uh?

This has been the best semester because it's the first one that Samantha, Jeff, and Melissa are here all together! We love having them over most Sunday nights. Sorry Sam, you didn't make the blog; next time.

Maggie loves to feed us her bottle. I guess Jeff didn't want any.

Thanks Mom for the super cute pj's!


Linford Family said...

Your daughter is SO beautiful! (I like the name too!) Benjamin is getting so big-I can't believe it! Cute little family!

GrahamandLauri said...

Aww!! I'm so happy to see new pics up!! They are getting so big and looking TOO CUTE!! :) I really hope we can get together before too long, Rach!

Mark&Noelle Taylor Family said...

I Love those pigtails and bows hey you can get two for $.88 little ribbion at Abotts in Rigby and they have so many more colors that I have ever seen.

Karen said...

Those cookies are darling! And they look Yummy! Yeah for piggy tails. You'll have to show me how to make bows--I'm no Home Ec teacher :)

Shelley said...

VERY cute cookies. I have made them before but always covered the whole cookie. Which was very tricky- so leaving part uncovered is genius. That Martha is wonderful!! And so are you!!

Sarah said...

You are so crafty & clever. Isn't this time of year just fun, though? Love the Nutter Butter ghosts. Too cute!

Jenn said...

Pumpkins: Hey isn't it great to actually pick pumpkins at a REAL pumpkin patch - not a church parking lot enclosed with hay bales ;o)!
Bows: If you guys have Build-A-Bear there, they have great little bows and they are FREE! I used them in Jillian's hair. Karigan's isn't long enough yet :(
Cookies: I am sooo doing that next year. Talk about mom of the year award. How clever!
PS - cute picture frames in the dining room, but what is the story about the one missing?