Saturday, June 28, 2008

Patience is a Virtue

Is patience really a virtue, or do they just say that to make you feel better when things aren't going your way? The house is making progress, I can't complain, it's just the way it goes. We still don't have an exact move in date. There are still many things to do and people to wait on. Saturday was an exciting day, our fence was completed and we have sod in the front and back yard! We bought our first garden hoses which was pretty exciting, but that excitement grew thin when we thought about needing to buy sprinklers, a weed eater, and a lawn mower. The new responsibility of taking care of a yard feels a little daunting, but once when we really get to enjoy it, I think it will be all worth it!
I got to help put our sod down in the morning, then when I picked up the kids I brought them back so Benjamin could run in the sprinklers. He was so happy, I just wished I could have watched him from inside my new home. Maybe one day we will actually live there.

And, of course he finds the mud.

Benjamin and Dad riding in the Skid Steer, it moved the pallets of sod around so we didn't have to use a wheel barrel, very nice!

Here is Maggie enjoying her first crawl in the front yard. She has actually taken her first few steps this week. Maybe I'll get a video later.

Our counter tops were installed this week which was pretty exciting too. We had them do a fancy beveled edge to show the natural alder to match the cabinets. The edge will be stained later to match the cabinets.


GrahamandLauri said...

Your house looks SO pretty!!!! I'm sure that is torture to see it so close to being done and not living there yet!! It'll be so exciting when you guys get to move!! Your yard is HUGE! That is awesome!!! The kids will have a blast out there! :)

Ashley Wray said...

It looks great! I hate waiting though, so I totally feel on on seeing this brand new beautiful house and just wanting to live there! Amen on taking care of a lawn, it's a lot of work! Totally worth it though when you're relaxing, watching the sunset, eating a popsicle with your toes in your very own grass!

Sarah said...

Isn't it so hard to be patient for the things we want?! BTW, taking care of a yard is daunting! It definitely takes more than ONE person. It can be a lot of work. Best of luck.

Jodi Jean said...

huzzah!!! you have a lawn ... how fun is that?? (luckily we have gardeners)

i'm so excited for you though!!!! but waiting sucks! hopefully it goes by fast!

Karen said...

Totally jealous of your lawn!!! I guess Camille with have to come and walk (or step) around on it with Maggie.

Tom & Melissa said...

Your house looks so adorable! I'm so excited for you guys!!! And it is so cute to see Benj running in his own yard! And Maggie is almost walking, wow, TJ just started crawling. I miss you guys!!!

Jenny said...

That looks so great Rachel! The yard is so big I bet Benjamin is going to love it and you guys are going to love him being able to run off his energy! Hopefully it will be done soon! Have fun in Washington, I'll be missing you next week!