Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two classes down- One to Go!!!

Things have been going great here in Washington. The classes have been very beneficial and not too stressful. We've found plenty of time for some nice R & R, and just a few more days to go! It's sounds like I will be arriving home in the middle of moving! If our inspections pass on Friday!!!

Washington update:
The dorm room. Thank you Shelley for bringing the T.V. and fan, and your laptop AND your cell phone! What year do I live in? We are definitely living the college life again; Marshmallow Matey's and communal showers! I was a little scared at first, but now I quite enjoy those showers. And who doesn't love cheap Lucky Charms?
The beautiful city of Seattle! From that view I saw the water, mountains, tons of trees, buildings, and cruise ships! It has been WAY too long since I've been to a big a city.
Last weekend we went to Seattle to visit Shelley's old roommate Amanda. She took us to Pike's Place, an outdoor market. And we ate at Chipotle's twice! Yum!

Vegetables, Fruit, and Cherries-EVERYWHERE!!!

It smelled pretty fishy, I didn't mind too much. I got a sample of smoked salmon, and it was tasty!
And tons of fresh flowers! They were only five or ten dollars! What a steal, if I lived in Seattle I would have fresh flowers all the time!
And we got some free entertainment. These guys were singing the Beatles. Sorry I didn't catch a picture of the nude bicyclists! I was behind a crowd so I only saw their backs and one bum!!! Apparently it's legal to be nude in Seattle as long as it's not obscene. When is it ever NOT obscene???
I have been LOVING all the fresh fruit stands; peaches, pears, apricots, and cherries!
My friend Shelley bought this 6 pound bag! I thought it was a little extreme, but now I owe her an apology because she has shared so graciously with me, which I am very grateful.


Ashley Wray said...

How fun to live the college life again! Well for a little bit anyways! How exciting about your new house, hope everything is moved in when you get home! Have so much fun and good luck with your classes!

Tom & Melissa said...

Your adventure sounds so exciting! Good luck in school- it sounds like you're doing well.
Love from- the Evans Fam

Sarah said...

Awesome! Sounds adventurous. And I so love cherries. I could eat them forever.

Jenny said...

I have been waiting for pictures! That looks like so much fun! Now you can see why I love Seattle so much. Isn't Pike's place fun with all the fish throwing? I must admit I'm jealous!

Emily said...

Wow, you are living every stay at home mom's dream: a few weeks of being without kids. I am excited for you for getting some more education. I totally think the more you learn the better mother you will be. You are definitely an inspiration! Have fun!

Karen said...

I love Pike's Place! Oh that sounds like fun plus working on your masters. Good luck with the move in. Please let me know if you need help!

Jodi Jean said...

i'm totally jealous ... sounds FABULOUS ... well ... except for the comunal showers!!

GrahamandLauri said...

Rachel, you look so cute! :) It sounds like you are having a great time!! How exciting to be going home to your new beautiful house!! Hooray! Mmmmm...I love Chipotle! We had to stop there while we were in Utah.

Jodi Jean said...

still no rachel ... hello ??? are you still there???