Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maggie's Barbie Party

 Once again I had WAY too much fun making the birthday cake.  I was so happy Maggie finally got into Barbies so I could make it! 

 The entertainment for the night was watching the kids dress up and get into the Barbie box for a photo shoot.
 Ken's little brother pirate Warren.  He'll thank me later for not posting the picture of him in a dress.
 Little Sis LuLu
 Slumber time Barbie
 Darth Vader Barbie
 Hollywood Barbies
 Cake time!
 Present time! Purse and rings from Grandma and Grandpa
 New Barbies from friends!
 The Stephenson family tradition... Heavy Heavy Hangover.  Maggie was good at this and wished everyone good things so she only got soft bumps on the head. 
 A pretty necklace from Aunt Mel
 And of course Lego Friends!
 Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! 

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Karen said...

LOVE the Barbie box photo booth! Can you believe our little girls are six!