Monday, March 4, 2013

It's Great to be Eight!

We are so proud of Ben and the wonderful young man he is becoming!  Last Saturday was his special day!  Ben was baptized by his Dad at our Stake Center along with about 8 other kids.         
Out of all the families that were there, we were asked to give one of the talks.  Since Dad was doing the baptizing, I figured it would be me.  I wanted his baptism to be personal so I guess I got what I wanted.  I was glad I had the opportunity to speak on Baptism. 
Ben had lots of support from family and friends in our ward.  We were especially happy to have the Beazer's, Aunt Melissa, the Christensen's and Grandma Stephenson there.

Earlier in the month, Ben had a small friend party where Dad took the boys to see "The Hobbit"!  They all loved it and then came home to play some Hobbit Pictionary and eat some pizza and hobbit hole cake.  

 He was super excited to get the hobbit hole lego set.  
 Ben spent the entire Sunday afternoon working on it without any help.  Sunday was his actual Birthday so I think he was a pretty happy boy working on it until the sun went down.

                                                                              Happy Birthday Ben!  We love You!!


Kara and Chant said...

Can you believe our babies are 8!?! Crazy! So glad you had lots of family and friends there for the baptism. Once again, an awesome cake. You are amazing!

Shannon said...

Wow, looks like everyone is growing up! How'd that happen?

Looks like a lovely day and birthday. Hooray for LEGOs!

Sarah said...

Whoa. He is all grown up. I still cannot believe that my little nursery kids are getting baptized. I had so many special memories with them, especially with Ben.

Koreena said...

Love the cake! I can't believe our little men are turning 8 now! Congrats on his baptism!