Friday, June 26, 2009

Oklahoma Friends, No Kids, the Seattle Coast, and a 10K

This month we had a great trip with our friends from back home. Thank you all for making it happen and a BIG thanks to Grandma for watching the munchkins. We started out with a very nice and relaxing kayaking trip around the San Juan Islands/Annacortes. Our tour guide let this nice little crab walk all over his hands. We did not see any whales, but we did see a really cute seal pop his head out of the water a couple of times.
Basking in the sun... the weather was amazing that day, it didn't even rain.
The views were beautiful. I think this is the highest point on Annacortes.
The girls.

The boys.

On our last day we drove up to Bellingham for the 10K trail run. It was crazy and a lot of fun. I wish I had a picture of inside those trees. We were on narrow paths winding up and down, over tree roots, small creaks and muddy paths. One of the runners described it like it was the Congo.

After the race, we were so happy it was all done and everyone completed the whole race in the allotted time!
We also ate some great seafood. I was so excited to try my first scallops. They were everything and more I dreamed they would be. We will definitely be doing more couples trips in the future.


Koreena said...

That looks like so much fun, and what a beautiful place! I don't think we've ever gone on a couples trip. We'll have to try that some time.

Kara & Chant said...

That is fun. Nice break too! Glad you are having a good summer.

Matt and Shannon said...

My word! I am jealous :) Looks like yall had a genuine wonderful time!

Swensen Family said...

How fun. I am sure you deserved the break, that would be a blast. Your kids sure are growing fast!!
Miss ya!

Frasure Family said...

Wow it is so beautiful up there! Congrats on a 10k! That' s great accomplishment!

Melissa said...

How fun! Someday we should do a couples trip, that would be fun. We want to take Trenton to Disneyland next year if you guys are interested.

Kasia said...

I heard that you all did an awesome job! I'm so proud of all ya'll ;D Cam and Kress said it was a most fabulous time. It brings happiness to my heart to see you guys all together ;D Love you!