Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Fun December

We had tons of fun last month getting ready for Christmas.  The girls got to decorate graham cracker houses a couple of times.
We saw Santa at our ward party.  Ben was prepared with his list. 
Lily did her house all on her own.  Maggie put more candy on her plate then her house.
I volunteered at Ben's school party to help the kids make snowman cookies. 
The girls made some too after school.
I had plenty of fun myself getting ready for Christmas.  If only working at Santa's workshop was an actual profession I would be in heaven.  The plan was to make a wedding dress for Barbie, but I couldn't stop at one.
Maggie loves to dress up her stuffed animals so I thought this was very creative.  
We LOVE Aunt Melissa's pedicures.  
Christmas Eve with cousins and new pj's from Grandma!
Christmas Morning!!!
It was a Barbie Christmas for the girls and another Lego Christmas for Ben.

Someone has eyes for Ken.

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