Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lily turns Two!!

   I can't believe my baby is two!  She is still my baby and such a sweet little girl.  We celebrated her birthday the Saturday after Thanksgiving so Aunt Melissa, Aunt Samantha, Uncle Barry, Warren and Ezra could all be there. 
 Princess book...
 Princess play-doh...
 Princess legos...
 You would think I should have made princess cupcakes, but no way.  I was planning these for months.  Plus, she really has loved Sesame Street all year long. It's just too bad she is looking like the Grouch in the picture above.
 It was so fun to have cousin Warren here.  He was a big helper and helped Lily blow out her candle.  She really needed the help too. 
 I also love this picture of the kids eating their cupcakes.  I promise everyone else kept their shirts on.:)   
 I'm sorry Samantha this is the only picture of you that I got, but I like it. 
 This was on Thanksgiving day.  We enjoyed a very nice and relaxing day with Aunt Melissa.  I still can't believe we both got a nap in before we ate!  That was awesome.      
I had to post this picture of Lily in her new outfit from Aunt Samantha!  She had so much fun getting ready for church on Sunday.  Thank you again! 


Sam and Barry said...

She looks so cute in her outfit! Glad we could be there

Koreena said...

How crazy she's two already! She looks so much like her big sister!