Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Pony Party!

Maggie had her first friend party last week for her 5th birthday.  It was a great success mostly because Grandpa got the pony and it didn't rain until after everyone got a ride! 
Since it was about to rain, we decided to do the pinata first.  Then they decorated their bags for the treats.  No biggie, it worked out just fine.
Here is Maggie getting caught peeking on her turn to pin the "cutie mark" on Rainbow Dash.  Cheaters never prosper...
I was so excited to make these rainbow fruit kabobs I saw on pinterest.   Also the dumb dumb topiary was also really fun to make too!
 Maggie really wanted to bob for apples so some girls and a big brother bobbed for apples. 
We moved the party inside when it really started to rain.  I love this picture of the group because I have a picture just like it of one of my friend parties around the same table in the same room probably about twenty years ago.
Thank you Grandma for making these adorable ice cream cone cupcakes.  I could not have done it without you!
 The last two girls standing in a game of "Pass the Pony" (aka Hot Potato)
 Present time!  Maggie was SPOILED with so many wonderful gifts from all her friends.
The party came to an end with a bracelet craft.  I think Maggie was a happy girl that day.  She is a special girl and is greatly loved.  

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