Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Sssssssurprises

We were very lucky this year to spend Christmas with both of our families! Most of the Morgan clan was there and Grandma Stephenson came too! We had our traditional Christmas Eve program with the kids dressing up like the nativity scene.
Grandpa's Angel
Such a great looking shepherd/Joseph
Listening to Christmas stories and the angel stealing the sheep.
On Christmas morning Santa left a note for us to take care of his friend. Both Ben and Maggie were very excited about their new pet. I didn't think they would get on board so fast. I am still trying to get on board.
Ben has held the snake...
Maggie has held the snake, kissed it, and let it crawl up her shirt.
She even draws pictures of it. I guess after ten years of keeping a pet out of the family I thought it was time to compromise. Seth has been very patient with me and has taken on all the responsibility with the kids. I keep thinking I can hold it, but when I see it...I chicken out. I know I need to just get it over with while it's a cute little baby. Apparently it can get 3-4 feet long! Yikes!
I also managed to keep a game system out of the house for 10 years and that too has come to an end. Seth was very happy with our gift from Grandma Stephenson and I was happy too. Now we can play games with her and our other family far away. Ben rocks at boxing and Maggie does really well with the bowling.
Lily got the cutest pink kitty from Aunt Melissa. She was so cute giving it hugs and hanging out with Uncle Jeff.
It was a lego Christmas. Maggie loves legos almost as much as Ben so she got some of her very own!
Grandma Stephenson helped Ben put together the big castle.
Dad also helped, but Ben really did most of it all by himself!


shelleyjanae said...

LOVE the family picture at the top of your blog. So cute. And Maggie's bee pj's are super cute. You are a good woman for letting a snake into your house. I would NEVER hold it! Good luck! I will call you soon. Can't wait to hear about all your new adventures!

Kara and Chant said...

Cute pictures. We got Legos here too. So much fun! Glad you had a good Christmas!

Koreena said...

Looks like a very fun Christmas! If it were me, I think I'd tell Santa he has to take the snake back to the North Pole with him. *shudder*

Mark&Noelle Taylor said...

love your new fam pic and ew a snake is super gross my biggest fear ever even that small HA even looking at the kids holding it freaks me out. good luck with that one. looks like you had a great Christmas!