Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ben Happiness

Whew...he made it! He learned all his ABC's and the sounds they make. With just a few calls home from the teacher and one ticket for throwing a snowball, he gets to go on to first grade!

The typical random person walking across right as his teacher hands him his diploma. Oh well.

Going out for lunch after graduation and sharing a hamburger with his best buddy.

A great big brother.

Other Ben facts:
1. He loves animals and wants to be a zoo vet when he grows up.
2. Likes to wear his clothes and underwear backwards.
3. Loves everything Star Wars and likes to be called Anakin Skywalker.
4. Has a fascination of learning about Egypt.
5. Also likes to learn about dinosaurs.
6. Very picky with sweets. He gives away lots of his Halloween candy and just likes plain regular chocolate chip cookies and plain regular brownies.
7. Loves to go to the comic book store with his Dad.
8. Loves to draw and cut pictures out of magazines.
9. Helped me title this post.
10. Just a typical silly boy that loves dirt, guns, legos, and his momma. And his momma loves him!


Kara and Chant said...

Can you believe our kids are going to be in first grade? Crazy! So exciting. The graduation thing is cute! Loved the Ben facts! Your kids are so adorable.

jenny said...

I love that kid!

Anonymous said...

Fun post--cute boy.
Love, Aunt Caryn