Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Monthly Post

December was a good month, even though it went WAY too fast. I got to spend the month at home making lots of Christmas goodies and a few last minute gifts. The kids enjoyed making these reindeer cupcakes from the Family Fun magazine. I also got to spend lots of time doing my most favorite thing... napping. And napping with this little bundle, life couldn't be any better.

After Christmas Grandma Morgan came up to spend a couple of weeks with us. It's been so wonderful having her here and getting to spend lots of time with the kids.
Lily is on her last cast! She didn't need quite as many as they had originally thought. She had her little surgery the Monday after Christmas and then the last cast has been on for three weeks. They went ahead and put a cast on the other foot because it was turned in a tiny bit and instead of waiting for it to get fixed with the boots they just wanted to correct it with just one cast when her clubbed foot had its last cast. So since we are almost done with the casts, we thought we would let the kids draw on them.
Here is their finished masterpiece.
We are excited to get back down next week to get them off and then move on with the next stage of this process. It will be so nice to give her a real bath again.


Koreena said...

Love the artwork. :)

Karen said...

I can't believe how big Lily is already. What a cutie! Lucky you always getting to use my favorite girls' names (Maggie and Lily) I just can't talk Brad into using them :)

La Familia Kingsley said...

That is so cute. You've got some good little artist in the family.